Omega Multipuprose Center

Notice : This facility is still a mask-wearing venue as a precaution against COVID-19


Omega Multipurpose Center

Making a difference in the community.

The Omega Multipurpose Center serves as a new business center and community facility in the Garner area equipped to host meetings, social events, and conferences.

Our History

The Omega Multipurpose Center (OMC) was opened for business and public use on June 5, 2021.

The OMC contains approximately 4,800 square feet of office space, including conference rooms, and a kitchen preparation area for catered events. The OMC is the perfect place to host a variety of events including business retreats, community gatherings, and training.
Our space can accommodate 250- 300 people, has extensive audiovisual capabilities, TVs, and multiple conference rooms. The center offers a variety of business offices, meeting rooms, and social areas. If you are interested in learning more or renting out space, please contact the OMC Property Manager at 919-295-0726 or [email protected].

Our Mission


To maintain and manage the Omega Multipurpose Center (OMC); to execute community-based programs; and provide rental space for business meetings and social events for individuals and organizations in the Wake County community.


To provide an outstanding, friendly, and safe place offering sustainable programs and services for local businesses, individuals, and the Wake County community.

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